Securing a medical appointment

How do I schedule medical appointments with a specialist at IVF Tourism Center?
You or your attendant can contact the International Patients Service Centre of the location of your choice, via telephone, fax, email or letter. To get the contact details, you can refer the ‘Contact’ section. You can also fill in the form given in the ‘make an appointment’ section to schedule the medical appointments.

When making a medical appointment what information must I provide?
You must provide all relevant information on your medical details, including scan reports, medical history, and current medication etc. You can send all these reports via e mail to the consultant even before fixing the appointment.

Without a referral from my local doctor, can I seek an appointment with a specialist at IVF Tourism Center?
Yes. You can contact our international patient co coordinator directly, with details of your medical history and treatment details. Our International Patient Service Coordinator can help you in making the appointment with the apt consultant.

Will someone guide me on the duration and cost of treatments?
It is a definite YES. Soon after the consultation with the appropriate specialist, our Relationship Manager will give you a complete plan on the approximate length of your stay at the hospital and the total cost of the treatment, along with the necessary pre/post treatment care.

Visiting India

How complicated and time drawn are the visa formalities?
It is similar to obtaining a visa for regular travel purpose. However, if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa for which you need a letter from the hospital. Based upon the initial communication through e mails and primary investigation on the medical reports, the visiting frequency can be confirmed.

What does FRRO mean and how should I go about it?
FRRO is Foreigners Regional Registration Office and it is mandatory if you are travelling for medical requirement and have a Visa type 'M' which means 'Medical'. This Visa allows you multiple entries and also provides a longer stay in India. For all the registration processes, our Patient Services Coordinator assists you and you will just need to follow their instruction on the same. You are required to register at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival. Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register their arrival within 24 hours with the nearest Police Station/Commissioner's Office.

Will I be received at the airport ?
Yes indeed. You can communicate with using the contact details given in the ‘Contact’ section and based upon the confirmation on date and time, our patient coordinator will pick you up from the Airport and drops you in the Hotel and to the Hospital as well.

Stay at IVF Tourism Hospitals

What are the registration formalities at the hospital?
Yes indeed. You can communicate with using the contact details given in the ‘Contact’ section and based upon the confirmation on date and time, our patient coordinator will pick you up from the Airport and drops you in the Hotel and to the Hospital as well.

Can I get service from a language interpreter at IVF center?
There will be a language interpreter with you during the entire medical communication and they make you understand all the instructions from the consultant clearly.

If my family is accompanying me, where can they stay?
Based upon the communication over call or e mail, please inform us the number of members accompany you. Upon prior information, we arrange the comfortable stay within your affordability.

Who will be responsible for my stay at IVF Tourism Center and who can be reached for assistance?
At IVF Tourism Center, your primary consultants and nursing team will be responsible for all your medical requirements whereas all your non-medical requirements will be met by our International Patients Service coordinators.

Who are the personnel who will meet me at my room apart from the doctors and nurse?
Apart from the medical and nursing care providers, you will meet our International Patients Services Coordinator daily as well as your dietitian and physiotherapist if medically required and the housekeeping staff who will be cleaning your room.

How can my relatives/family reach me over the phone from my home country and how can I make an International call?
Your loved ones can reach you through the contact numbers of the hospital given in the ‘Contact’ section. Also, we will share the contact number of the Hotel where your stay is arranged.

Payment Process

Can I claim the medical expenses from my health Insurance Provider?
As IVF is not generally covered by any insurance around the world, the possibilities are less. But it strongly depends on your insurer.

What are the modes of payment available?
We accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX & CIRRUS and Traveler's cheques. We also accept payment for In-patient services in the following currencies: USD, CAD, Euro, Pound Sterling, Omani Riyal, UAE Dirham, Kuwait Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollars etc.

Discharge Process

What are the procedures involved in my discharge? What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?
Your primary consultants will inform the date of your discharge. At the time of discharge your nurse will detail you on the treatment / surgery that you have had and on the medication that you have to take, follow-up requirements if any. For that the language interpreter can help you. Also we will hand over all your medical investigation reports /X-ray/MRI/other scan images and medicines before you leave India.

How can I follow-up with my doctors once I reach my home country?
We provide free video call consultation post treatment for three times based upon mutual convenience. Or you can reach the consultant directly through the e mail ‘[email protected]’.

Appointments and Questions

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